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Who We Are

Pet Loft takes care of all your fur-kid's needs, from the top of his nose to the tip of his tail! We're a dedicated and experienced team of animal lovers providing a range of professional, personalised services that benefit your pet and you. Our concept is simple: deliver a high standard of pet care in a cosy, welcoming environment.


At Pet Loft, we treat your fur-kids like they're our own, giving them quality food and accessories during their time with us. We offer everything from pet grooming and dog spa treatments to day care and dog photography sessions. For owners, we offer advice on proper pet care and more - because we believe that education is the key to a long and rewarding owner/pet relationship.


Among our team are skilled pet stylists who work to make every dog grooming session a pleasant, comfortable experience. Once your pet is spruced up, he'll not only look good but also feel healthy - and we think that's something to celebrate! Our professional pet photographer will help you capture those precious moments and make cherished memories. Finally, we offer doggy day care which not only takes pressure off you, the busy owner, but also allows your pet to socialise with other pets and people.


Contact us to find out more about our range of services or book online to give your pet the pampering he deserves!

Our Team
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