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Popular Lunar New Year foods that are harmful to your dog

It's Lunar New Year celebration time and the table is laden with traditional foods. Your pet dog is sniffing around, drooling over the delicious Lunar New Year goodies he can smell! His begging is irresistible and you're tempted to offer him a titbit.

But "paws" right there, because many of those human goodies can wreak havoc on your dog's health, causing acute symptoms, long-term illness and even death. You probably know that chocolate and alcohol are harmful, but when it comes to the Auspicious Foods of Fortune, what are the goodies that are harmful or toxic for dogs?

These Are The Some Of The Food Your Dog Absolutely Mustn't Eat

· Bak kwa: this barbecued pork dish is full of fat and oil which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and damage to the heart and pancreas

· Yu sheng: this saucy fish dish contains salt and sweeteners which are bad for your dog's digestive system. In addition, if the fish isn't fresh, it can cause food poisoning

· Spring rolls: these often contain onions and garlic which are highly toxic to dogs, causing gastrointestinal upset, respiratory issues and damage to red blood cells

· Pineapple tarts: high in sugar and fat, these can cause vomiting, stomach upsets and gas. Some contain raisins which can be fatal to dogs if ingested

· Nuts: tree nuts (macadamia, pistachio,walnuts, pecan, etc...) contain aflatoxin, a poison which causes dogs to suffer vomiting, lethargy, muscle/joint pain and temporary paralysis.

What to do if Your Dog Does Eat Something Toxic

Stay calm and call your vet immediately. Explain what he's eaten, listen carefully to the advice given and don't waste any time in getting him to the vet's office for treatment.

What About the Goodies That can be Given Sparingly to Dogs?

The following are generally safe if they're fresh, plain (without sauce) and properly cooked:

· Boiled eggs

· Boiled rice

· Steamed chicken

· Steamed fish

Now you know the foods that should be avoided during Lunar New Year for dogs (and what can be safely offered), your pet can have a happy Lunar New Year celebration with the rest of your family!

Petloft Singapore wishes everyone and their pet a very Happy Lunar New Year!

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